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So I decided to fill the gap by puttig up free versions of some of my favorite Vegas slots.

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Zoom in on one of the support struts underneath the first bridge you come to, and you'll find this locker key. It's to EcoTaro's left. H-4 Super Resilient Resin Drop into the sewers via the manhole in Children's Park, either by using the Manhole Opener or by being Saejima, and look for a bunch of crates covered by a blue tarp.

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It's behind the Vanquish billboard. The keys to these lockers are scattered throughout Kamurocho's rooftops, sewers, and tunnels. Super-Resistant Resin Lomography diana blackjack 4 - In the water near where the waves brake on the beach.

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Sarashi Chapter 4 - Inside a cardboard box inside the Morning Glory, at the end of the hallway running off from the entrance past the dining room. If you've done Tanimura's sidestory "Looking Down," the key is on the ground on the same rooftop where he goes to spot the stalker.

You obviously can't get it at that point, since the area's a combat zone in that chapter, but you can return and pick it back up as early as Army Knife Chapter 5 - On slot machines durham nc potted plant inside Beam. Below are the links to all of the free slots I've added: Bat Chapter 4 - Inside Ryukyu Nights.

The site goes well beyond Vegas covering areas like Lake Tahoe, Biloxi, Atlantic City and other popular casino locations. I was awestruck by the sheer size of the casinos and the vibrant atmosphere that just carries you along until you hit exhaustion point or speaking more as a slots player!

Newly Developed Material No. This key is wedged into a space between the ceiling and some pipes directly over those crates. Brass Lump Chapter 5 - On a lamp above a sign above a shutter near a white car on the alley running off to the east from Senryou near Karaoke-Kan. B-2 In parking spot in the Central Parking Lot.

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Instructional Staff Chapter 5 - On the wall above two white trash bags near the entrance to Works Kamiyama. Toughness Infinity Chapter 5 - On the ground in the western side of the Square in front of the Theaters. Jan 10, Taihei Blvd. D-3 Southpaw Bracelet On the rooftop garden above the Volcano, look into the fountain.

Scrap of Magnetic Metal Chapter 4 - Near the entrance to Kariyushi Arcade from First Street, in front of an awamori shop, on the ground on the west side of the arcade, near a black waste basket.

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It's visible right at the start of as Saejima leaves the coliseum, and you can go back for it shortly thereafter. Blood Brooch Chapter 5 - In the northeastern corner of the Champion District, on an awn- ing for a bar called "Sunntokyo". B-5 Bloody Cloth At the base of the escalator leading down into the Theater Underground, on a ruined couch nearby.

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D-2 Ancient Steel At the south end of the Central Sewer tunnel, where it connects with the Central Parking Lot, underwater and in the middle of the passageway. F-1 On a water tower along the northwest side of the Kamurocho Rooftops West map. Shisa Waistband Chapter 4 - On a staircase beside a yellow sign for the casino across the street from Ryukyu Nights.

Climb up to the rooftops using the southern stairs, and this key is right nearby, on an electrical box behind two air conditioners.

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E-1 Right outside the door to the Kamuro Theater Underground hideout, underneath a pallet. Look for a blue tarp on the floor, then check on top of one of the nearby vending machines.

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I-3 In the basketball hoop in the electrical substation on Theater Underground B3. Bust Amulet Chapter 4 - On the middle pillar supporting the monorail above the Kubochi River to the west from the station. Staminan Royale Chapter 4 - On the floor inside the weapons shop van. Kageboushi Chapter 4 - On a green construction pipe on the Kubochi River from the bridge near the monorail station, off the west side of the bridge.

I-1 Black Jewel Take the stairs up to the Kamurocho Rooftops East map from Nakamichi Alley, and this key will be sitting invisibly on the ground to the left. Way back in when I visited my first Las Vegas casino, I didn't actually realise it was going to yakuza 4 blackjack amulet the first of many pilgrimages. The Seven Wonders of Rukyu Town 1. Akiyama's Essence of Loin Reaving Revelation can be found in the same general area; if you've gotten that, go up on that rooftop past the unconscious thug and look for this key on the ground nearby.

H-5 Titanium Core Ball In the center of the electrical sunborn casino on Theater Underground B3, on top of one of the overhead lights in the center of the room. Unknown Resin Chapter 4 - On the south wall of the path running West of the station, south side, between two buildings in a window between the Ryukyu Town Tourist stand and the tobacconist.

You can see the key's glow if you're looking at it from the side, but if you're standing directly over it, the safety rail is in exactly the right place to conceal the key completely. Staminan Spark Chapter 4 - Yakuza 4 blackjack amulet the fluorescent light above a table in the Yabukishi Restaurant area on the second floor of the Municipal Market the first restaurant you see at the top of the stairs.

Saejima can pick this up during E-4 Gum In the Central Sewer, on the maintenance walkway under the giant pipe. Comfortable Sole Chapter 4 - On a hand rail up above the street on the second floor, in the alley just north of the gambling spot, on the north side. Superalloy Spring Chapter 4 - Mission: The "I Hadn't Thought of That! G-4 Gold Plate In the middle of the walkway in front of the Master.

F-5 Staminan Spark On top of the scaffolding directly to your right if you climb to the Kamurocho Rooftops Yakuza 4 blackjack amulet map using the stairs near Kyushu. Staminan Spark Chapter 5 - On the ground in front of the white vending machines near Volcanic Volcano the slot house just south of the Square in front of the Theaters.

Popular Online Slots Click the pictures to play Bally. G-5 Mystery Liquid On top of a blue neon sign almost directly underneath the long white bridge on the northwest part of the Kamurocho Rooftops West map.

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Glorious Tale of the Lotus House Chapter 8 - Behind the above-ground part of the staircase leading down to the underground of the Sai no Kawara, on the roof. Stone from the Pee Mountains Chapter 4 - Atop a window unit air conditioner near the entrance to a shop in northwest First Town near a black car, called "Momoko Tea House".

The popularity of these free slot games grew far quicker than I expected. Snake Eyes Seal Chapter 5 - On a tree in the northwest corner of the plaza at the base of the Milennium Tower's south side.