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Special Mods Types of mods with special characteristics are listed below: The value of the mod in conclave matches. Selecting Idle Animations also determines the Warframe's basic pose while standing up. The mod selection screen will show what mods on a weapon might have conflict if equipped: Fusion Mods can have their overall power increased by the process called Fusion.

The colours are bronze for common, warframe duplicate slots for an uncommon mod, gold for rare and white for legendary mods. Some Images and information obtained from Warframe. The number of same mods that you have in your inventory. These marked slots are called Polarity slots. Melee Weapons - Melee Weapons can be customized and managed in this section.

They increase the player's melee weapon mod capacity and unlock unique attack combos. The Focus Lens option is where players can select the Focus Lens installed on an item.

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This option only appears on items that have skins available for them. Polarization - Polarization is the act of installing or changing a Polarity in a Mod Slot using Forma to allow said Mod Slot to accept a Mod of identical polarity at only half the Mod Power cost. A floating model of the currently equipped Warframe with the currently equipped weapons and Archwing at the center of the screen can be rotated in the same manner as described above on the main view.

Press Triangle to upgrade and add a mod. Many skins only change the color arrangement of an item, though some can completely change the item's base model ex. Available Loadouts that a player has created can be selected by choosing the name of the Loadout displayed at the very top of the Arsenal screen by the Warframe's head.

All Warframes have three sets of Idle Animations available to them: These slot number designations can be given individual hotkeys though the Customize Keybindings option of the Controls tab under Options in the Main Menu default Escand said hotkeys can be used to immediately use the item in-mission without bringing up the Gear loadout wheel. As of now there are over mods in the game.

Corrupted mods are dual stat mods, they have one bonus offering and one negative effect. The various options under Physique are as follows: Primary Weapons - The player's Primary Weapons can be managed in this section. Delete - Deletes the current Loadout.

Also, the stance has to be compatible with the melee weapon type. Only one stance mod can be equipped on a weapon at once. If you match the sign in the upper right hand of a power, with a slot that contains the same type of sign the power will cost half required slots. The currently equipped Warframe with all equipped weapons visibly stand in the middle of the Arsenal, which can be rotated to view the Warframe from different angles by holding down LMB and dragging left or right.

Statistics Every mod has nine attributes attached to them Mod Name: The Warframe duplicate slots main view is where players can see the various options available within the Arsenal segment.

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When fusing a mod and then selecting a stack of cores or mods, the number available is how many of that card you need to level up the mod, or the entire stack if you require more. Upgrade - This option allows an item to be installed with either an Orokin Reactor for Warframes, Warframe duplicate slots and Archwings, or Orokin Catalysts for weapons, in order to double the item's Mod Capacity.

The Appearance option gives the players various options that allow them to modify an item's physical appearance. You need to first level your Warframe one mission will do it and then go to your Arsenal. Aura Mods Aura Mods are Waframe mods that can be used to increase the total mod capacity.

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Warframes also have an additional slot beside the Aura slot reserved exclusively for Exilus Modswhich must be unlocked with an Exilus Adapter. There are certain things slots for warframes and weapons primarily that can only be acquired with platinum. For combined elements, the slots are ordered from left to right, top row then bottom row, with any inherent elemental damage from the weapon added last.

If players exit the Arsenal while a Warframe weapon and a Sentinel weapon warframe duplicate slots the same mod, a prompt will appear informing players of a conflict, and asking if the player wants to resolve the issue. Click here to read more about Stance Mods Corrupted Mods Corrupted mods can be obtained from Derelict Missions, each mission requires a dragon key.

Animations - Available only to Warframes, this section is where players can choose their Warframe's Idle Animationswhich are animated motions that Warframes can perform when they have not performed an action for several moments. Actions - The Actions button calls up additional options for customizing the item's Modding abilities.

This tab in the Arsenal allows a player to choose which Emotes they can use in a mission, as a player can only use up to 10 different Emotes while in a mission.

When you are ready to rank up the bar will flash blue and yellow. The stats that are shown can differ between items, with Weapons showing more lines of stats than Warframes. Tenno Loadout Archwing - The player's Archwings can be managed and customized in this section. Credits are free and earned through missions. Every mission spawns a special door, inside that door is a mod which is corrupted and can be obtain using the key that the door requires.

Swap Polarity - Items that have previously undergone Polarization can have the option of freely swapping or moving Polarities between Mod Slots, which is essential when creating certain Elemental Damage builds. Make sure after you finish a map you give your team a moment to upgrade.

While these can be acquired in game they are rare especially for those in the Pacific. For mods increasing shield, health or power, bonuses are calculated from the Warframe's base value. Items that cannot be bought from the Market, such as Event -exclusive items and Prime equipment will not show up in this section unless the player warframe duplicate slots said items.

This process is essential in reducing clutter and is also used to ease the process of selling mods. The Mods installed are based off which mods the program thinks would allow it to achieve a high Conclave score within the available mod capacity, and as such the mods installed may not be the most optimal Mods for a player's desired build.

Serration costs 14, but dropped into a Madurai polarized slot costs only 7 Differing polarity increases drain by a quarter, rounded mathematically: Players can choose to unequip their Primary, Secondary or Melee Weapons, allowing them to go into a mission without carrying said weapons.

When selling a mod, you can either select one or a pack, and click "sell". Secondary Weapons - This section is where a player's Secondary Weapons can be managed. Helmet - Only available under the Warframe section, the Helmet option allows Warframes to select the different Alternative Helmets available for use, which changes the appearance of a Warframe's head.

The Loadout can be given a name upon saving. Miscellaneous Functions - Apart from the above, the Upgrade section also has a row of buttons at the lower right of the screen that offer other functions, which include: Each of the sections under Tenno Loadouts in the main Arsenal and Archwing, and Companions have their own individual sub-options from which the main customization and management options of said sections are performed.

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An item can only be upgraded once in such manner. The bottom right of the screen displays miscellaneous functions that allow access to other customization options. Unlike Upgrading with Orokin Reactors and Catalysts, an item can be Polarized as many times as desired, however only items that have reached Maxed Rank aka Rank 30 can be polarized, and Polarizing an item resets it back to Unranked.

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When available, Aura and Stance mods also increase an item's Mod Capacity beyond the item's maximum rank, and Forma can be used to polarize Mod Slots, allowing them to accept mods of identical Polarity at only half the Mod Power. Unlike the other sections of the Arsenal, the Upgrade section is not unlocked along with the Arsenal, and in order to gain access to it players will have to slot bed frame the Mods Segment of the Orbiter.

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Search Bar - Located at the upper right, players can type in the name of the Mod they wish to find. Matching polarity reduces drain: Mods - The Mods button takes the player out of the Arsenal and into the Mods Segment of the Orbiter, which can be used if more complex Mod actions are required.

The blue dots below the card denotes how much the mod has been upgraded. The Loadout button gives players the ability to save their current Warframe and Weapon configuration and arrangement in order to provide a convenient way of accessing said arrangements.

Aura Mods Main article: Filter Search - The icons at the upper center of this section are used to warframe duplicate slots only mods that belong to a specific category. The first number in the display shows how much Mod Power the current build consumes, while the last number shows the maximum Mod Capacity that the item has. Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors can be used to further increase Mod Capacity by doubling the amount of Mod Capacity given per rank, resulting in 60 Mod Capacity at max rank.