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Remember that your future supervisors and clients are not likely to tolerate bad email manners. When you write letters or send emails and text messages to friends you can be as informal as you wish.

A proper email should begin with an appropriate salutation. So we avoid the helping verb does and use the 3rd person singular action verb.

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However, when you are writing to other people, such as teachers, administrators or practitioners, it is important that you use proper and polite language.

But lets also agree that given the ever-growing tidal forces of SMS and Twitter that we try to retain some legibility in our language and communications. Let's meet with him as soon as possible. We have compiled a list of reminders attached below in the hope that you will find them useful, and may develop proper netiquette. Travel, grammar, pop culture, law, neurosis.

There is no good reason to intentionally risk making a bad first impression. He plays daily action. It is very rude to not do this. If you have a question about a course, say which course it is.

In your example What time suits you?

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Commonsense, politeness, and correct grammar and spelling ed. It does not necessarily have to be written in a very formal manner. Is that laziness or extreme efficiency? It does seem as though we have gotten to the point where common usage of a word or phrase often becomes acceptable as correct usage.

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After the salutation, begin the body of the email with an explanation of why you are sending the email, or explain the request that you are making. You will not feel the stress when you write.

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It's a perfectly understandable turn of phrase, and trying to insist that it's "not in my English" is pretty silly. If you have previously sent the email to another member of staff but not received a replyor wish to send time slot suits you email to other staff members, you must ensure this is recorded in your email. Yuck chc on Jan 25, To be fair, we got to the point where common usage of a word or phrase often becomes acceptable as correct usage about 50, years ago.

Never say "A student of contract law"; "Your tutee". Never say "I am not available on [Monday]" this statement is appropriate only if spoken by someone in authority to his deputy.

Saying "let me know when works for you" is about like saying "let me know where you would like to meet at. Give enough context so the teacher knows how and why your question has arisen. So do not use expressions such as "giv 2 u" or "b4".

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Tuesday, September 04, Hong Kong University on good email manners We received a handbook from the Faculty of Law that is supposed to provide all the basic information a visiting or exchange student will need when joining the department for a semester. No one is going to say "I really like this guy's stance against the grammar police.

It also puts so much stress on the sentence. What's up with "turn of phrase" anyway? And the basic form of action verbs go, run with these subjects they, we, I and you. What time suits you?

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I have to reproduce it here. Be careful not to write as if you are stating a legal rule, for example: You need to worry about the person with whom you are trying to make an appointment. I believe at least one American English dictionary now accepts nauseous as a synonym for nauseated.

As always, original grammar, punctuation, and formatting are preserved: I agree that some changes make the language less clear and might be ill-advised for that reason, and I also agree that some usages are not appropriate for all crowds, but let's not pretend the English language as it was taught in American schools in the late 20th century is the pinnacle of verbal communication.

For example, "I wonder if my email to you on [date] has arrived safely. This is because a teacher usually teaches more than one course each term.

Try to avoid abbreviations and ICQ English. Seriously, your sample student is named Lala? It doesn't mean the dictionary should be changed to accommodate that usage, right?

We also use this tense a lot in the present time. By far the longest individual section is entitled "Good Email Manners.

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I look forward to seeing you then.