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We are now offering all of our display frame to be customized to hold any gemstone jar.

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It has been proven that presenting jewelry in a modern way — at the proper angle and with the right lights — can create a desire with the individual: These stackable gem trays are extremely durable and also very lightweight to ensure your gemstone are protected. This new concept is the first look into what will be the first of many new jewelry display set options.

You can now customize your own watch displays to your liking in a matter of seconds using these magnetic cuffs and our magnetic showcase bases. Standard 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 foot base combinations are available.

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Click the image to find out more. All can be completely made in fabric while still durable and strong. This new concept can also double as a bracelet or watch folder. This is the ideal gem display for anyone looking to showcase their gems on the road or at an upcoming trade show.

This is great bangle holder for trade shows or traveling with your jewelry. Expandable bases can be customized to any showcase size. We are committed to making world-class jewelry displays that are both functional and beautiful, but most of all will sell your jewelry!

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No stackable jewelry tray for gemstones is quite like this one. This new line can stack for easy storage or travel, but the display is also angled to present your jewelry at the perfect angle.

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Our earring stands can hold between earring on a single stand at a time. Our Reelwood displays already has literally 's of options for displaying rings. Few stackable jewelry display trays can sell your jewelry as these graphic displays.

When you are ready to pack up your jewelry, simply guns and vodka slot machine the elements from their displays stands and place them back into mobile display case.

These new pads can hold standard sized circle and square gemstone cups to create a completely unique display. Click to see a video of how this new concept works! All of the ring elements slot gold jewelry this concept are available for sale.

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Our new bangle holder not only protects your bangles, but displays them elegantly as well. These graphic areas allow you to tell a story with your display. Our satisfied customers are among the most successful names in the jewelry industry. Available in 's of fabric and 's of color combinations. You will be hard-pressed to find a display for birthstone jewelry sets better than this one.

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In order to optimizes the sales of your gemstones you need a display custom built to best display them, now with Ovadia can design that custom gemstone display to fit your needs. Arguably the best stacking jewelry trays in the world just became better thanks to these jewelry displays with large signage area. You can see some of these designs here.

Allowing to to completely customize the length and number of levels on the display, giving you flexibility to create the casino nct design.

Folders are fully customizable, allowing you to display only 1 or 2 bangles at once with a small folder or comfortably fit over a dozen bangles in one of our larger folder. Slot gold jewelry showcase in this new concept has so many new elements that many people in our own company were surprised we made it.

Stackable Jewelry Displays

Now with Cover Tray inserts fitting into our Reelwood displays, we can offer nearly 70 more products designed for presenting earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

With the rising popularity of bangles, this stackable bangle display is must have. We at Ovadia have developed a new system which allows you to take elements from our Travelite Display Cases line and place those elements into jewelry display bases which allow give you a more traditional retail jewelry presentation. Additionally, many of the displays slot gold jewelry this line can also accommodate a graphic area to help tell the unique story behind your jewelry.

It has been said that a slot gold jewelry speaks louder than words; we at Ovadia have crafted the Tiffany Displays to help you find your voice. Our new stackable necklace tray keeps your jewelry safe and secure, yet it is lightweight and ideal for carrying a large quantity of necklaces. These displays are ideal for the jeweler looking to craft their individual message to their customers through the use of a customizable picture which can be inserted into a graphic area of the display.

The problem is that finding the right color combination to make the jewelry "pop" slot gold jewelry profoundly difficult. And by utilizing our Orolite technology, this display is more durable than any other earring trees you will find. With this slot to pin converter, you can turn a ring slot into an earring tree, a ringer finger, or a mini neckform. No other jewelry displays for beads provide the features our bead displays do.

Now, there are no limits on the types of jewelry you can show off with your Travelite cases. We are also starting to build a line of new magnetic jewelry display elements to accommodate all of your jewelry.

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This new jewelry stand is a great way to showcase your jewelry to your customer in a simple and efficient manner to maximize your sales. Finally a stackable tray for jewelry which protects your bangles. No other necklace displays on the market have designs quite like ours, they are completely unique and original. A great stacking jewelry tray for your necklaces.