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The valve spring size can be specified by determining the air flow during normal operation and by estimating the flow if a failure or rupture occurs. When the upper section of the device is isolated from the tankbythe closure pallet the plug can be removed and the tape weightinsertedwith the tape adaptor replacing the plug.

The tape adaptor or rope adaptor is inserted in thecap andafter lowering the pallet, sampling can proceed. Indicating paste is normally usedwhengauging spirit tanks.

Safety Fittings

The hingedcapclosing the upper section is constructed to accept the bayonetfittingof the rope or tape adaptor. When the fitting is not in use itisclosed by a sealing plug. Whenthe temperature has been read, the sample may either be returned tothetank or decanted into a sampling bottle using the special funnel Stainless SteelCarbon SteelBrassetc.

The valve has a sliding poppet within a chamber with an orifice at one end, wherein the closing flow rate settings can be adjusted. When gauging black oil tanks it is advisabletouse the adaptor which incorporates a tape wiper. No product spillage due to wiping of the tape.

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When the pressure differential is within the operating limits - below the cutoff flow - of the unit, the force on the valve exerted by the spring is greater than that caused by the pressure differential the valve remains open and normal operation continues.

When the pressure differential is above the cutoff limit, the force on the valve poppet exerted by the pressure differential is greater than the force exerted by the spring, and the valve closes.

Samples and Temperatures can be taken at various depths of product including from a 3d slots mobile app within 4" mm of tank bottom.

Hand Gauging TapeAdaptor has a small clearance around the tape through which only averysmall amount of vapor can escape and is permanently attached tothetape. OPERATION TheSlotDipping Device has been designed to provide a convenient and safemeansof manually measuring the levels and temperature and takingsamples ofpetroleum, petrochemical, chemical and other volatile orhazardousliquids in bulk storage tanks, in pressures of up to 40" mm WG.

The aperture in the upper sectioncap is 46 mmdiameter and will allow passage of all known standard tapeweights andthe plunger of the Portable Temperature Sensor. Turning the threaded nut enables to adjust the tension on the spring and therefore, the threshold flow rate of the valve could be precisely set.

Sample volume is 0.

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Operators not exposed to hazardous vapors. The main components - body sections, capandclosure pallet are constructed in Aluminum alloy.

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Heated viscous oils may require aslightlylonger immersion of up to 1 minute. The materials arepredominantlyStainless Steel and Brass. SERVICING Alltankenvironmental protection equipments can be supported by ourservicedepartment who can provide expert and specialist installationandcommissioning service and complete 'on site' equipmentmaintenance,repair and servicing facilities including equipmentcondition surveyingand certification and maintenance training.

The pressure differential is directly related to the flow of SCFM through the valve. FLUIDYNE Excess Flow Check Valve is used in filling lines and protects the system against excess ramses slot machine trucchi rates and safely shuts off the flow due to hose bursts or excessive leakages downstream of the valve.


Temperature variation during the time takentoraise the sample and read the thermometer is negligible, becausethebody 8 and disc 10 insulate the sample from its surroundings. The slot dipping device operate by using the pressure differential across the valve to operate the poppet and spring assembly.

Ask For Price Product Price: As the poppet is urged toward the retainer by a coiled spring, the poppet is moved longitudinally within the chamber, either toward or away from the orifice. Willaccommodatethermometers manufactured to the Institute of PetroleumSpecificationwith overall and immersed lengths of mm and 65 mmrespectively.

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The Slot Dipping Device has been designed to provide convenient andsafemethods for dipping, sampling and product temperaturegatheringfunctions in bulk storage tanks containing volatile andhazardousproducts. Gauging can proceedwhenclosure pallet has been lowered.

When used inconjunctionwith the Slot Dipping Device which is suitable forpressures up to 40" mm WG, loss of vapor is greatly reduced. A flushing time of not more than 30 seconds is required formostunheated petroleum products.

It is available in 6" mm size and is mounted on theroofs of tanksand can be used in place of conventional gauge hatcheswith thefollowing advantages: After the repairs to the line are made, normal operation is automatically enabled when pressure across the valve equalizes through the bleeder hole.

TheTemperatureand Sampling Device has been designed to provide a means oftakingsamples and temperature of products stored in bulk in thepetroleum,petrochemical, chemical and allied industries. Negligible loss of vapor.