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The follow will need to duck under slightly. The follow mirror's with a plant of their left foot.

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Then sacala and the lead hair combs themself by turning to the left and facing outward of the circle. Pick up the next lead.

Dame con Estilo - 1 While in a left to right hand hold, lead the follow into the circle on 1,2 and spin back out on 3, then walk back out on 5, 6,7. Then lead behind while the lead turns to the left to face outward. The leads then turn to face each other and continue to turn to the left and back out under the raised arms of the follows.

As they back under the arms, they switch the hands of the follows with their raised right hands. Do an enchufla and switch to the other partner's lead, do a cross body and then do a Dame dos con dos with a spin.

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Then lead the follow behind and start a mambo on 7, and while continuing mambo five steps in totalunhook the follow and lead hair combs themselves. Then enchufla and keep the right arm low and wrap it around the follow's back, and the lead spins under the follow's left arm.

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The follow's should be back-to-back and the leads facing each other across the follows. Leads should be facing into the salsa casino micaela at this point. The lead should be in their own hair comb and in the same arrangement as at the start of the pattern, facing outward, right hand pointed out, left hair combed over lead's head.

Dame con Macarana - Pull your lead into the center with their left hand on 1,2,3 and on 5,6 move back out with a plant of the lead's right foot outward.

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Onjump to the left and cross body the next lead. The leads then lead the new follow in a outside turn and hook turn. Then swivel right and left on the spot twice, then clap on 5 and spin on the right foot left for follows landing on 6 and 7 with stamping feet.

The lead then steps to the right and spins one the right foot in a complete circle follow's twist counter clockwise on their left and stomps left then right on 6 and 7 and 3 before picking up the follow for a cross body turn.

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Bin Laden - This moves requires a pair of partners and an even number of couples around the circle, starting with the caller and going counter clockwise in pairs. Dame con Azucar - Starts off a dame, on count 7 8 when the lead is leaving the follow, they stand in front of the next follow to the left and roll the hips and upper body on As the follow goes under, keep the follow's arm straight, then back-break again and pull the follow back into a cross-body.

Starts with an Enchufla and the lead does a hook turn, then the leads grab a salsa casino micaela to left hold.

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On the next eight count, then duck under the follow's arm from left to right, while still holding the hands. Corona Triple - Setenta, then unravel and hair comb the follow on 5,6,7. Bebe - - Starts with BalseroBesito including hook turn, Enchufla into a Sombrero follow on rightSacala, reverse Balsero and prep on 7 with both hands with follow on right downstreamback-to-back two handed turn putting the follow on the left or upstream, Enchufla into a Sombero and end with Abanico.

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Then back-break sending the follow outward unwrapping the arms into a cross position. Enchufla and the lead does a hook turn, then the leads grab a left to left hold. Over the next eight count, the trick is to unfold the arms in front such that the lead can turn to the follow on the right and hold the left arm up and right arm down then spin to the right.

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Then, on the next eight count, the lead flips their hand hold to face up in order to pull the follow around the back bringing the right arm up over the follow's right arm.

The follows is then lead with a Sacala in parallel to the leads. Come back up and do an enchufla, ending in double hooks, then cross body back to neutral.

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Unhook the hair comb and lead the follow around until facing into the circle and hair comb the follow. Unhook the hair comb and turn with the follow into the circle and place the right hand behind the head of the follow not a hair comb, but the back of the lead's hand should be on the neck of the follow.

Then twist the follow under clockwise, by raising the left arm, keeping the right hand on the neck of the follow.