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Rotor slot geometry. Open-Class Dual-Sport Smackdown: Beta RS vs. KTM EXC

On the trail, both machines are happy slogging along at lower rpm, and both can be pegged in the lower gears, but the Beta engine feels more comfortable picking its way through low-speed sections like an enduro bike.

We only ever needed to use the kickstarter on the Beta, as its tiny battery balked under the strain of multiple stops and starts while performing a photo shoot out on the trail, leaving us without enough juice to spin the starter.

Its fully adjustable WP piggyback reservoir monoshock mounts directly to the swingarm and offers And the KTM does so with tremendous composure. Bruce began his first trials in single-seaters, systematically taking it upon himself to adapt the cars to his needs with a sure sense of mechanics. The KTM engine is a shining example of compact design in a high-performance single-cylinder four-stroke.

The Voyager can also readily accept GPX files through a micro SD memory card slot on rotor slot geometry right edge, making it easy to download pre-calculated riding routes to its map display. Our testing revealed that dialing in the rear suspension is critical to getting optimum performance and handling out of the front. Just goes to show you how close these two machines really are.

Barely out of his teens, Bruce had a fairly clear idea of what he wanted to do in life: The KTM motor is very consistent, delivering the kind of power you would expect from a modern high-winding, state-of-the-art, off-road four-stroke Single. The Beta is slightly longer, at Anemic engines, underwhelming suspension, lots of weight and resultant handling like a runaway bull were the norm rather than the exception.

The adjustable fork delivers As delivered, our RS test bike was set up with mm of rear suspension sag with a rider aboard, but that gave it a mushy feel at speed as the rear shock would collapse through big bumps far too easily for our tastes rotor slot geometry also making rotor slot geometry bike steer like a chopper.

Both machines are equipped with electric start plus a kickstarter for a back-up. The KTM motor churns out His record was toppled only 44 years later, by Fernando Alonso—today a driver at none other than McLaren.

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There are other differences and similarities between these two thumpers. The RS boasts Hence, it has produced the RS. I just prefer how easy the Beta is to ride. Both feature non-perimeter chromoly steel chassis with removable subframes and aluminum swingarms, but their chassis numbers differ slightly.

American Beta distributor Tim Pilg assured as that our test unit was stone stock. But these two are miles apart when it comes to their fueling systems. And while it places less of its weight by percentage on the front wheel, Its stylish bodywork and red chassis offer enough visual eye candy to quicken the pulse.

Sadly, he did not have time to bring this dream to fruition. If this were a beauty contest, the Beta would win it hands-down. Despite this tragedy, the team that bears his name survived. Both powerplants feature twin oil pumps for more effective circulation and scavenging, both have smooth-shifting six-speed transmissions, and both come with silky and linear-feeling hydraulic clutches.

Now if we could just get KTM to include a skid plate for better engine protection as well … Viewing the instrumentation on both bikes at night revealed a substantial difference in visibility as well. Brake It to Me Gently Both machines feature single mm front and mm rear wave rotors clamped by twin-piston front and single-piston rear calipers, and the binders are just another example of the high-quality componentry that abounds on both bikes.

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During daytime riding, we appreciated just how easy it was to keep tabs on our speed and trip distance thanks to the Voyagers large LCD screen. This was the car that ushered in a dynasty of prestigious Supercars of which the S is the latest scion.

Starting at the age of 14, he began entering hillclimbing events. Both bikes also ride on identically sized rims and D. Its twin Eaton oil pumps are also multi-taskers: In the early sixties, Jack Brabham, who had left Cooper to establish his own team, enabled Bruce to become lead driver for the British team, but McLaren remained fixated on the idea of driving his own cars.

Based on our seat-of-the-pants feel, we were convinced that the Beta RS would be the horsepower champion between these two bikes. Now, in a day when even large-displacement heavyweight adventure bikes exhibit better handling than some of the bulky single-cylinder dual-sport motorcycles of a decade ago, off-road riders seeking a hybrid machine have a decent selection of machinery from which to choose.

However, its screen is sensitive to the position of the sun during daytime rides, sometimes making it hard to read.

Can Italy overthrow Austria’s dominance?

The Beta features separate oil chambers for the crankcase and transmission, while the KTM circulates the same oil through the engine and transmission. The Beta RS engine was our favorite whether we were on the trail or on the street.

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Then, with the blessing and support of his parents, who could relate to his passion, he enrolled in an event for young drivers, where he prevailed, winning a scholarship to go test his talent against the stiff competition in England. Beta claims a rake of In the spring ofBruce McLaren was the victim of a fatal crash on the Goodwood Circuit during trials of one of his prototypes. Their reputation was in no small part due to the character of their constructor.

Precocious both as a driver and an engineer, Bruce McLaren became, at 22, the youngest driver ever to win a Formula 1 Grand Prix, in The Italian machine always seemed to draw attention wherever we rode it. There might be another factor in play here than just steering geometry, however.

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The Little Things There are a few more details that help differentiate these machines. However, Beta, a tiny Italian company with a reputation for building World Championship-winning trials bikes, has made it a priority to try to cut into the dominance enjoyed by the Austrian powerhouse in every off-road riding segment, including hard-core dual-sporting.

On the trail, the KTM feels like a featherweight, with effortless, precise turning manners regardless of how rough or loose the terrain. The EXC comes with handguards as standard, which is a plus. Adding preload helped tremendously, bringing the Beta much more level with KTM in terms of overall suspension quality.

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The first was a significant change in gearing that equated to adding six teeth to the rear sprocket to yield shorter gearing than stock. Couch Potatoes and Video Games How can we put this mildly?

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So what did we find? Both of these machines handle great, but the KTM wins the handling category by virtue of its lighter steering and its capabilities in a wider range of speeds and in more diverse conditions than the Beta.