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If all players ended up with the same amount of money in the first round, the question round decided the order they would play in.

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Whoopi Goldberg appeared in the special Happy Birthday Bugs: The elephant will have his way with Tarzan for antagonizing him! The jewel is later found to be an expensive antique, and the gang attempts to return it. A spin from a different episode in progress.

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Jack Benny voiced a mouse version of himself and appeared as himself in live-action footage in the short The Mouse That Jack Built. The frogsn flies slot spend is made on visiting a local nightclub to visit Honeydew Mellon voiced by Sallie Jonesa showgirl who also happens to be part of a gang of poker-playing con-artists, who will do everything they can to separate Benny from his money.

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As he closes his eyes and probes his mind for the answer as to why, he jumps up, startled and exclaims Tweety Bird's catchphrase, "I tawt I taw a puttytat. Bugs dresses as a character named "Shlomo" a parody of ElmoTweety slots vacation hints a character named "Yellow Bird" a parody of Big Birdand Taz is a character named "The Grump" a parody of Oscar slots bier in kiel Grouch who lives in a crate.

However, they find parenthood much more difficult than they thought it to be. The group decides to join up in attempt to access the same luxurious facilities, however wants out when they discover they will be going into space.

After seeing how much can be paid for artworks, Top Cat has also taken up painting, but discovers his own artwork was also stolen.

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The premise of Warner Bros' animated series featuring infantilized versions of the Looney Tunes characters is very similar to Muppet Babieswith the characters in a nursery under the watchful eye of Granny.

In the first round, if a player hit two Whammies, Peter always reminded that player, "You want to be careful about picking up a third Whammy in Round 1.

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This leads to Top Cat's being made an honorary police sergeant and Dibble's boss in the alley. There were alternatives when the Big Board rounds occurred: One noticeable difference between the two shows is that Granny is seen in full-bodied form, compared looney tunes gambling cat Nannywho was mostly seen from the waist down.

If there was a tie for the least money in Round 2, looney tunes gambling cat player with the fewest spins played first; if there was a tie for spins and money, the player on the left played first.

In both cases, the space could only be seen in Round 2 and awarded once per game. Commenting on the coincidental speech impediment, Baby Bear says he won't be fooled again by the "wascally wabbit.

A space you do not want to land on One of the shows, "Caraway Street," is a parody of Sesame Street.

From the resulting injury, a misunderstanding leads Officer Dibble to believe Top Cat only has a week left to live. Instead, Dibble wins the prizes and offers to take T. Matthew Lillard played himself in Looney Tunes: So, in effect, this was a prize space.

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The contents of every square rotated every second, and there were 3 slides in each square. Once inside the house, Dibble struggles to live with the gang.

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Bugs appeared in an anti-litter music video which aired on Sesame Street. Once collected, it was replaced by a regular prize.