How to update Portage in Gentoo Linux?

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Real-world examples The following are projects that have been test-implemented on axs's developer overlay layman -a axs. If you do not know the differences between a 'rsync user' and some other user, then you are a 'rsync user': This command is casino or goodfellas which is better recommended for rsync users as rsync updates the cache using server-side caches.

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Broken dependencies of this sort will invalidate assumptions that make it possible for --deep to be disabled by default. A resume list will persist until it has been completed in entirety or until another aborted merge list replaces it. This action can remove important packages!

However, the sub-slot would need to change every time any of the ABIs changed. USE flag changes include: Emerge will not rebuild packages that depend on matching packages due to --rebuild.

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Also see the related --load-average option. If you would like to skip rebuilds for which disabled flags have been added to or removed from IUSE, see the related --changed-use option.

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This process populates the cache database that Portage uses for pre-parsed lookups of package data. For a dependency aware version of --unmerge, use --depclean or --prune.

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A list of repos or aliases can be specified, in which case they will be updated regardless of their auto-sync attribute. After one resume list completes, it is possible to invoke --resume once again in order to resume an older list.

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In this mode the bash build environment will run with the -x option, causing it to output verbose debugging information to stdout. Therefore, --usepkgonly or --getbinpkgonly must be used in order to enable soname depedency resolution when installing packages.

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When this is disabled only build time dependencies are included. For directories that are owned lumiere casino number st louis multiple packages, all owning packages will be selected. See portage 5 for more information. Always study the list of packages to be cleaned for any obvious mistakes.

This is accomplished by looking at each installed package and separating the installed versions by slot. When an error occurs, dependencies are recalculated for remaining packages and any with unsatisfied dependencies are automatically dropped. Also note that depclean may break link level dependencies, especially when the --depclean-lib-check option is disabled. Take caution as the descriptions are also matched as regular expressions.

Please refer to emaint 1 for more information about sync operations. Package moves are typically applied immediately after a --sync action.

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This option is enabled by default, since soname dependencies are relatively new, and the required metadata is not guaranteed to exist for binary and installed packages built with older versions of portage. This flag will cause the file to always be merged.

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Unlike --newuse, the --changed-use option does not trigger reinstallation when flags that the user has not enabled are added or removed. This option is intended to be used only with great caution, gentoo portage slot it is possible for it to make nonsensical changes gentoo portage slot may lead to system breakage.

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For this example, we will assume the tree only contains two versions of xorg-server: If you would like to skip rebuilds for specific packages, see the --exclude option. At some point Portage gained the ability to learn about these slots, knowing shared inventory slots gw2 a rebuild was in order, and the way to fix that is what we have nowadays.

With this option enabled, emerge will bail out if it determines that the given operation will break any dependencies of the packages that have been added to the graph.


The emerge-webrsync program will download the entire ebuild repository as a tarball, which is much faster than emerge --sync for first time syncs. I've never again had a critical application bail on me because I had done a world update last week or 24 hours ago that is the Arch way, cough. As a consequence, it is often necessary to run emerge --update --newuse --deep world prior to depclean.

The problem was already fixed but I want to understand the meaning of these little arrows. If you want to disable --dynamic-deps, then it may be necessary to first run fixpackages 1 in order to get the best results.

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If an absolute path is not used, then it must begin with either ".