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Incorporating the issue into investments It is possible to use negative screens to avoid investing in companies involved in pornography or adult entertainment services. Gambling concern groups, church bodies and the medical profession have criticised the lottery for encouraging compulsive behaviour, greed, poverty and illness.

Current opponents of pornography argue that it is degrading to both men and women, transmitting the message that women are sex objects available solely for male gratification without any form of emotional attachment.

Tobacco is the largest cause of preventable death in the UK, claiming overlives every year. Some opponents of abortion accept there may be exceptions to this rule such as rape victims or the pregnancy of very young girls, or the case of certain conditions. The exact criteria applied may vary. It is possible to focus only on tobacco producers, or apply materiality thresholds to exclude only those companies that derive a particular proportion of their turnover from tobacco.

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The drinks industry has been criticised by campaigning groups such as Alcohol Concern for targeting young or under-age drinkers. This could specifically relate to companies which publish or wholesale pornographic magazines or newspapers distribute cut 18 certificate films or videos provide adult entertainment services gambling concern charity as adult entertainment TV programmes or channels, table-dancing or lap-dancing, and sex shops It may be possible to engage with companies on this issue — for example to determine the craps whip shot of mobile phone companies in the distribution of pornographic material.

Therefore if an abortion is performed at any stage they would deem it as the destruction of life. The Database of funds and fund managers provides some examples. It may be possible to engage with companies on tobacco issues — for example in relation to the marketing of tobacco in the UK or developing countries.

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Some smokers, however, see such moves as an attack on their civil liberties. They also call for improvements in sex education and in contraception. Its relevance for charities Gambling is a concern of many charity investors who are opposed to the activity on moral and religious grounds. The parameters of this debate vary greatly from country to country.

Tobacco The issue Over recent years, the tide of public opinion in Britain has turned against smokers. Incorporating the issue into investments It is possible to use negative screens to avoid investing in companies that produce or sell tobacco. The materiality threshold used by CIFs varies. As evidence of the health risks associated with alcohol consumption becomes more widespread, manufacturers have sought replacement consumers and launched new products.

They generally believe that life begins at conception or shortly after. This can suncruz casino key largo florida companies involved in the National Lottery.

Some common investment funds and other pooled investment funds apply criteria in relation to this issue. With the advent of the National Lottery and the deregulation of the UK gambling industry there have been claims that addiction to gambling is on the increase in Britain.

Buck, a reformed gambling addict who now runs Epic, a problem gambling consultancy that accepts no funding from the industry, said he helped Willows set up YGAM because he liked the principle of YGAM. The model is prevalent throughout the gambling charity sector with many gambling charities funded by industry and heavily populated by current and former industry executives.

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One of the directors, Paul Buck, said he did not resign exclusively over funding concerns but admitted to the Guardian he was uncomfortable. We believe such a mix is important as it allows for more informed decision-making. It also partners with universities to train year two and three psychology students to become YGAM peer mentors.

The charity said it was intending to appoint ambassadors Anne and Keith Evans, whose gambling-addicted son killed himself, as trustees. It may also be possible to engage with companies — for example, to assess how they are addressing issues of under-age gambling.

They were listed on the Charity Commission website as trustees at the time of publication. A number of organised religious groups, most notably the Roman Catholic Church, believe that most forms of contraception are unacceptable, including birth control pills and condoms. Gambling The issue Gambling has long been a cause for concern amongst ethical investors.

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Its relevance for charities Alcohol has been a long standing concern for some charity investors who are opposed to it on moral and religious grounds, for example Muslim and some Christian organisations. But after he helped set up the then private company, it started to take a different direction.

Companies may be selected for investment according to factors such as: Details of the funding are found on its website but the backgrounds of its industry-linked trustees and ambassadors are not. Recent research has provided evidence suggesting that it gambling concern charity likely that pornography can be one of the factors that contribute to sexual violence and sex discrimination.

Health, welfare and social service charities are also often concerned about this issue owing to its health and social effects. Simon Perfitt, who set up campaign group Rethink Gamblingsaid: A number of common investment funds, and other pooled investment funds, incorporate a gambling screen, reflecting its prominence as a concern amongst charities and faith groups.

The Young Gamblers Education Trustwhich also operates under the trading name YGAM, was set up two years ago by reformed gambling addict Lee Willows as a private company and acquired charitable status earlier this year. Incorporating the issue into investments It is possible to apply negative screens in relation to gambling, screening out companies involved in gambling.

Campaigners have criticised the charity and raised concerns over the involvement of people from within the gambling industry.

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It said that without industry support it would not be able to carry out work, which last year saw it train teachers and youth workers from more than 60 schools, colleges and charities and non-profits.

Incorporating the issue into investments It is possible to apply negative screens in relation to alcohol. Attitudes to the issue may be affected by religious beliefs, and views on the rights of women. Its relevance for charities The significant health impacts of tobacco may be of interest to all charities, but will be of most concern to health charities. There has been rising public concern recently about Internet pornography, especially child pornography which is illegal, and also worries about children using the Internet and accessing offensive material.

The tobacco market is still a significant size and is open enough for further product proliferation. Contraception and abortion The issue The issue of termination of pregnancy has remained controversial in recent years. Its relevance for charities This issue may be of concern to some gambling concern charity groups, particularly those linked to the Roman Catholic church.

Alcohol The issue Although alcohol can be consumed without harm, it is also a toxic and addictive substance gambling concern charity causes illness, accidents, violence and family suffering.

As YGAM evolves, like any other charity, we keep our board composition under review.