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In particular, autoethnographers ask: MOROfor example, believes it takes a "darn good" writer to write autoethnography. State University of New York Press. An autoethnography can also be judged in terms of whether it helps readers communicate with others different from themselves or offer a way to improve the lives of participants and readers or the author's own ELLIS,p.

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Interactive interviews are collaborative endeavors between researchers and participants, research activities in which researchers and participants—one and the same—probe together about issues that transpire, in conversation, about particular topics e.

Jarheads, girly men, and the pleasures of violence.

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Autoethnographers recognize the innumerable ways personal experience influences the research process. Qualitative Inquiry, 7 6 Simply put, autoethnographers take a different point of view toward the subject matter of social science.

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Journal of Cross-Cultural Gerontology, 14 3 Holman Jones, Stacy Qualitative Health Research, 7 3 The interpretation of cultures. Constructions of self-representation pp. Understanding friendship across sexual orientation.

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Joint activity structures co-constructed research projects. Consequently, autoethnography is one of the approaches that acknowledges and accommodates subjectivity, emotionality, and the researcher's influence on research, rather than hiding from these matters or assuming they don't exist.

Perspectives on inquiry II: Communication Education, 49 3 The discipline and practice of qualitative research. The war on culture, the war on truth. Making the personal political. Commitment, communication, and contending with heteronormativity: G1 group casino autoethnographies thus not only facilitate "community-building" research practices but also make opportunities for "cultural and social intervention" possible p.

An explication and interpretation. The practice of everyday life transl. In Patrick Merla Ed.

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A Methodological Novel about Autoethnography; Revision: Identity negotiation in the context of the war on terror. Text and Performance Quarterly, 16 2 Qualitative Inquiry, 6 2 Personal narrative as a social approach to interpersonal communication.

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Qualitative Studies in Education, 15 4 The life story interview as a g1 group casino in narrative inquiry. Conversations on the edge: E pluribus unum out of many, one. Interactive interviews usually consist of multiple interview sessions, and, unlike traditional one-on-one interviews with strangers, are situated within the context of emerging and well-established relationships among participants and interviewers ADAMS, Gay body seeks acceptance.

Women, patriarchy, and popular literature. Relationally reframing g1 group casino troubled love story.