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Pleasing head with good breadth of skull, good stop and pronounced muscle. A young dog with the qualities you would expect from this kennel. In great muscle, bone and coat condition. So Oso decides to teach Rasheed and Laila play musical chairs before the party starts.

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Third went to the Bedlington dog Pykhtar's Eur Czech World GB L ' End Show Metti Surpri Displayed a graceful outline yet muscular pleasing head narrow yet had depth teeth large and strong, His thick and linty coat was presented to perfection to complete the picture.

This left me with really tough decisions to make. Good length of rib and perfect topline. Third place went to The West Highland Terrier whose outline is beautiful as is her topline and tail carriage on the move. Liked her head and super ears, dark eyes, she has a very typical outline and is beautifully conditioned. On his toes the whole time, presents a super outline with his long neck, short back and well set tail.

The future looks very bright for this young man. Still young and colour comIng through. The terrier group was strong in which some good exhibits could not be short listed. In my opinion he is a big ring dog. A very strong quality group made for some challenging decisions My shortlisted dogs were the Irish Terrier Full of breed type correct head and ears super body pleasing coat and set on just not giving his best on the move in the hot atmosphere.

Oozed with quality and type. However I couldn't take my eyes off the Staffordshire Bull terrier who presented a perfect balance for type with a beautiful head and expression, excellent outline, good chest, rib dottys casino tail, but the icing on the cake was her movement, accurate at both ends and as sound as they come with a wonderful topline. Oso tries snapping the flap in place when a special alert is called.

Loved her dottys casino, expression and sound movement.

Very nice neck and shoulders, well muscled quarters, great coat and immaculate condition. A great little Norfolk Terrier bitch, full of herself, in excellent jacket. Lovely over the neck and shoulder and carrying a good body. Nicely balanced with his bone, and well bodied and his neckline flowed into a level topline. He is still young so there is better to come yet.

How lovely to see the outside rings on the higher level in use again. He is a king of terriers, and he knew it. I was most impressed with this handsome dog. Pleasing length of neck that flowed into a correct topline with just the right amount of rear angulation.

A mature looking boy of super type, great outline, lovely quarters, good jacket and immaculately presented. A soft, silky coat of the correct colour completed the picture. Well constructed forehanddeep, well coupled body with good bone. I loved this young dog - he was full of quality and type shown in excellent condition with a correct jacket.

Although he did not make the cut today it was incredible to see him there in the BIS ring at the remarkable age of 12, demonstrating that this breed truly are lasters. And so to the final four. Barkemill Barnum Shcm Skye Terrier.

I made a cut of nine which included the Aussie, the mini Bull, the Kerry, the Staffie and the Westie. Thank you to the society for the invitation and also to the judges sending forward good representatives of each breed. In a very close decision, my winner today was the striking, strongly muscled, compact and upstanding boy with a great attitude, he has the long head, very strong jaw and neck with a good flow through the topline and well filled chest and body, he's free and powerful in stride on the move, has the coat and handled well to take the award today.

A very typey Norwich with a good head and expression.

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On his toes all of the time, he made a lovely graceful outline. Group 4 Griffiths's Karamynd Guilded Lily, what a lovely young bitch, good head with slightly doomed skull good stop well placed ears, dark pigment and eyes. Some can considered themselves extremely unfortunate not to be placed. A boy named Thomas has a cold. Mr Bob Blackley First of all may I thank all the officers and committee for inviting me to officiate at this fantastic, well run show.

It was a great honour to judge at this most prestigious show. Good clean, long head, with neat ears and a super expression.

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Super balance and lovely feet. Lovely straight cream coat and immaculate presentation. He was to my way of thinking outstanding and should have a very bright future indeed on this form. Great to see his experienced handler, showing him on a loose lead, giving him every opportunity to show his excellent temperament. During his training mission, Oso tries grabbing a cube-shape container when a special alert is called.

Cm Skye Terrier, it is two years since I last judged this dog and found he has matured well and bodied up. The Cesky Terrier, Tobijanski's Janski Kalliope Jones, I admired this handsome dog just a few weeks ago and I thought he put on a really good show here today.

After moving each again I found myself drawn to those in the following order. What a beautiful norwich and what a condition, compact in body and a lovely head with good earset and dark eyes, level topline dottys casino the tail is high set. Powerful head, strong hindquarters, effortless movement, holding a level top line on the move. Sound, honest, nothing overdone, with this beautiful Irish Terrier bitch.

Good length of head with a strong jaw and well set ears. Coat of excellent texture and presentation. Well presented in a jacket of good colour and texture, she made an excellent picture on the move in profile.

Well balanced and presented in great coat and condition. A quality dog in hard condition, good expression, keen and alert, full of confidence, good in head and ear placement, pigmentation and colour excellent, very good on the move keeping a correct topline, handled to perfection, nice to hear he has the breed record today well done Judge: Carries tail on top, well muscled quarters which he uses with great drive.

His long head was strong and deep well filled with gentle curve in dottys casino. Good length of head, keen expression, excellent topline and tailset. Only young so there is so much more we will see from him. Mr P I Eardley It was an absolute honour and privilege to be invited dottys casino judge BIS at National Terrier and this was an appointment that I had looked forward to for some considerable time.

Good length of neck which he uses to advantage, well ribbed with depth of brisket and excellent topline. I thought she was just a little light in body on the day. In super hard condition dottys casino an outstanding mover. I think she will have a good career ahead. Hold out your hand so the dog can sniff it Step 3: The Officers and Committee along with their willing volunteers had everything running like clockwork and it really did feel like a well-oiled machine.

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Shown in tip top condition. Lovely head and good fringe to ears and placement. I liked her proportions and head and she moved very well. His handler brought out the best in him both standing and on the move, Truly a credit to the breed. The breed standard states 'strong, powerful, muscular', and this boy has all that. Long neck, long elegant head with good length of muzzle, small ears, small eyes, needs better angulation in front, moves with drive.

My winner was the hyper feminine Burns's West highland White Terrier with proportions and balance to die for!