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The hstore contrib module must be already installed dict slot the database executing the hstore.

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Raise ProgrammingError if the type is not found. This aims at supporting manylinux containers, which are supposed to be used for creating widely usable binary wheels for Linux. That dict slot to clone a lot of CPython generator code, due to how ugly they mess with bytecode instruction pointers in yield from on an uncompiled coroutine, as they don't work with send method unlike everything else has to.

As somebody pointed out, I am now using requires. Fix, some built-in type conversions are allowed to return derived types, but Nuitka assumed the excact type, this affected bytes, int, long, unicode. Also updated to 3. That fast call required a local array with one element to put the arg into.

Better optimization for "must not have value", wasn't considering merge traces of uninitialized values, for which this is also the case. Therefore also the TOC, which makes for link targets in the pages. This time I am getting more intense. I think I need to make more transparent what I am doing. This will speed up the un-cached case on Windows by a fair bit. If decode is set to True the messages received from the server would be converted according to the connection encoding.

Started using specialized exceptions for some types of errors, which will output the involved data for better debugging without having to reproduce anything.

Therefore I made a global registry of locals scopes, and working on those, I checked its variables, if they can be forward propagated, and do this not per module, but after all the modules have been done. Removed some Python 3. The actual resulting dictionary is not yet optimized, but that ought to follow soon dict slot. Previously in this case we were falling back to the module variable for annotations used after that which is wrong.

I am working from home that day, saving me commute time. Then I will check feedback from the list, if any. I did a bunch of cleanups for static code helpers. But now, that I got this, think of my amazement when for 3. An actual example of asynchronous operation might look like this: Renovated the graphing code and made it more useful.

Adding a finalize to all nodes, ought to make sure, memory is released soon, and might even find bugs, as nodes become unusable after they are supposedly unused. In order to make this method break out of the loop and return, consume can throw a StopReplication exception.

Added option to disable the DLL dependency cache on Windows as it may become wrong after installing new software. Make sure to always release temporary objects before checking for error exits.


Impact on Memory Usage The result was a bit disappointing. The writing will not be too high quality at times. In any case logical replication and replication slots are a feature of PostgreSQL server starting with version 9.

The exact server behavior depends on the type of replication and use of slots.

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TODO solving I have a habit of doing off tasks, when I am with my notebook in some place, and don't know what to work on. It was way too involved with cyclic grand casino long island, which are bad.

Prefer DLLs used by main program binary over ones used by wheels. I raised 2 bugs with CPython, one of which lead to update of a failing test. Thanks to those involved in making this better. Low-level replication cursor methods for asynchronous connection operation. The value of this parameter must be set to at least 1 second, but it can have a fractional part.

So I am putting the staticmethod into the dictionary passed already. Remove more instances of mentions of 3. For example, if you want to convert your type into a Dict slot dictionary you can use: I need to pick a day. Now a from import with a name can really cause an import to happen, not just a module attribute lookup.

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But it's ugly and a burden. If I were to make compiled function type that is both a staticmethod alike and a function, maybe I can work around dict slot. This is not needed, but leaked over from Python2 code. The initial support of 3. It can be a string or a Composable instance for dynamic generation. Cleanups Don't store "version" numbers of variable traces for code generation, instead directly use the references to the value traces instead, avoiding later lookups.

This parameter should not be set with physical replication or with logical replication plugins that produce binary output. Fix, the vars built-in didn't annotate its exception dict slot.

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Added support for PyQt5. Basic tests are working, but there are are at least more coroutine changes to follow. When encountering a problem compiler crash in optimization, output the source code line that is causing the issue. If querying is not desirable e.

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Much faster handling for functions with a lot of eval and exec calls. It has been available for several server versions but with the release 9. Dict slot object at 0x Must be None for physical replication. Also optimize calls to bytes built-in, this was so far not done.

They are just hints, not reliable. I will write a post to the mailing list, right about wednesday every week or so.