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So we spent most of our time at the COD craps table. However, from what I saw, the players loved it, and it does move quick. The little casino there at the Sheraton was nice, if it had a craps table we probably would have just played there. Also, cards are face up, which definitely speeds up play. Great to see how easy the transfer from HKG to Macau. Taxis are fairly cheap too.

Help us keep MyVegas a positive space: I had a good time in Macau. The Banyan Tree also has a bunch of super-luxe private villas for those willing to part with lots of patacas.

Also curious what thoughts you may have about City of Dreams and finally if you saw and construction progress at Wynn Cotai. Aside from the SJM properties which are labyrinths, so I may have just missed itit seemed every casino has exactly one craps table. Blackjack is the only game where historical knowledge counting or tracking cards can be used to gain an advantage.

I walked around the Venetian one afternoon and it took roughly an hour and a half, including time to stop and take photos of dirt pilings and stuff. Word of warning, these are the slowest Roulette tables I have ever seen. It would not look out of place along the Las Vegas Strip. Here are some highlights and observations from my visit: None at Sands yonkers casino craps Starworld, however all casinos had a weird little electronic game that had giant dice which would roll and you craps in macau bet on petit casino biarritz st martin around it.

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I was chatting with a guy at The Macallan, and he said it was developed by Sands in direct response to the Chinese govt's limit on tables. Roulette, which is less popular here than blackjack, has high house advantage - a little less than 5.

Shuttle service is easy between all casinos, you just have to learn what shuttles go where, they have different routes. Three nights of Scotch and craps in Macau Last edit: The most frustrating thing was that so few people in the casinos speak English.

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Most of the casinos did have at least one or two HKD tables available. But for now, craps, like poker, is still somewhat of an American game that has never had its opportunity here. While providing all the amenities of a major Vegas result, it was apparent that most guest were simply interested in maximizing time in the casino.

Can't say about wine or liquor, I didn't ask. Compared to craps, baccarat has virtually no learning curve. It would be helpful to learn to say Beer in Cantonese, since the waitresses and many dealers speak zero English. Now, just be aware that they will look at you strangely, but they will bring you a beer in a little 10 ounce glass, as long as you are playing.

Sands has invented the most cost-efficient method ever devised to quickly separate large groups of gamblers from their money.

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Located on the second floor of the Galaxy hotel tower, this may be one of the best bars in the world. This was my first stay in a Banyan Tree property, and while I felt the overall experience service, room quality, food, etc.

Report this topic as inappropriate. All Rights Reserved, dude. When you purchase your ferry ticket, you simply give them your airline luggage claim ticket, and your bags will transfer directly to the ferry. Ferries are available to both the main Macau ferry terminal near the Wynn and the Taipa terminal, which is adjacent to the airport on Cotai.

They also had Hibiki 12, my favorite all-time blended whisky. Chinese craps in macau seems to prefer place bets, so despite a nearly full table, I was the only player making come bets with odds.

I enjoyed my time in Macau, although next time around, two nights would be sufficient. There isn't any poker here either, more because of the lack of demand than anything else. Most likely a combination of all. The Galaxy is sort of off by itself. For whatever reason that's not the case in Macau. It was funny, some people would give us a double-take.

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