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You can linger over exotic cocktails Cochin Thunder, Pink Ladies and some superb concoctions based on the local tipples or in a new twist, sample some health drinks based casino dinner ayurvedic ideas. You'll find exquisite examples of traditional Keralan crafts, exotic fabrics, garments, books, handbags and all sorts of fascinating bric-a-brac.

Good Housekeeping called Fort Cochin "one of the most renowned seafood restaurants in India".

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If you're in a mood to confer, the Durbar Hall is the place. Familiar Pleasures Excursions into the town can be as tiring as they are exhilerating. In many casino dinner, it was also a crucible, a place where our ideas could be tested, our mistakes made.

It serves an extensive buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For here you can transit gracefully between two worlds. Only a home grown Keralite can bend his tongue around the intricacies of Casino dinner pronounciation. The parquet floors in the room are a distinctive touch and you can luxuriate with bubble bath and shampoo from the little clay pots in your spacious bathroom.

Visit the malls and stores if you want to stock up on clothes or personal effects. It's one of the most cosmopolitan cities in India, yet mixes all the spice of tradition with its modernity. Enjoy your last scoop of Chocolate Chip icecream for a while the Keralan desserts will ensure you don't miss it casino dinner. Once you're rested, ready, and refreshed, it's time to sail into Cochin.

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The range of Indian and Continental cuisine is vast. But if Ernakulam is the heart, then the soul of Cochin lies in its older quarters. Tharavadu, incidentally means traditional cottage the 'u' is almost, but not quite, silent. Your first breakfast in Kerala could be good ol' scrambled eggs, your lunch roast chicken and a shrimp salad, your dinner a fiery squid curry and appams fluffy rounds of fermented rice and pulses, the traditional accompaniment to Kerala meals.

Specially if you're not so used to the climate Kerala usually oscillates between breezy warmth, pouring rain and torrid sunshine! Kerala on a Platter The restaurants at the Casino hotel have become institutions for Cochin's food lovers. Our guests tell casino dinner that this shows. And finally, it was the place where our processes were brought to their best possible levels.

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Now properly introduced, you are guided you to your room. If the cocktail hour beckons you, the Vasco da Red hawk casino thanksgiving buffet 2014 lounge is the hotel's ever-popular watering hole.

Swimsuits are available in the gift shop - which is worth a visit, even if you aren't so keen on a dip.

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The Cascade pool can be the perfect restorative. Here, eight centuries of history are on display, as are a kaleidoscope of cultures. But don't worry too much! For smaller gatherings you can opt for the Harbour Lounge Banqueting Suite, which seats If you've never been to an Indian city before, Cochin could be a riot of sensation casino dinner first sight.

On the other, Kerala's unique culture, manners and cuisine. On the one hand, the cosmopolitan delights of Cochin, with its restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

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Another great way to relax is an ayurvedic massage. And indeed, many of the experiences and services the Casino Group offers were perfected at Casino Hotel first. It's not surprising that the city teems with art experts and buyers from Christie's, Sotheby's and the like - Cochin abounds in colonial antiques and is considered something of a mecca for enthusiasts.

As you drive to to the hotel, you pass the massive dockyards of this ancient port, omnipresent coconut trees and stretches of glittering Arabian Sea The Casino Hotel greets you in a traditional 'varvelpu', or welcome.

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Splendours, New and Old. Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of medicine, and the Casino has its own resident experts and fully equipped facilities Dusk falls quickly in this part of the world. Eating here is like diving off a springboard into the flavours and textures of food throughout Kerala.

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