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With our shortlisted 10 favourite pineapple tarts brands, we roped in a total of 20 family and friends to help with our tasting session and grade according to the following criteria — i fragrance, ii buttery, iii sweetness, iv texture, v appearance and vi packaging. Its pastry is not too flaky nor too dry, it simply melts in your mouth!

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Only the freshest and finest ingredients are chosen at SunnyHills. We have just welcome three weeks ago. We like the mild sweetness of their pineapple filling.

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As early aspineapples were brought into Malaya from South America by the renowned Italian explorer, Christopher Columbus. BlkUbi Avenue 2,Singapore Opening hours: Indeed, it is the simple pleasures in life that fill us up and move us. Grades range from 1 to 5, with 1 being poor to 5 being excellent.

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Yes, it sounds super far and out of reach yet, we took the trouble to switch between MRT and buses and were really satisfied as our efforts have paid off! On top of its wonderful taste, the packaging is very presentable and this can easily be a good gift for anyone or everyone! The size is perfect for a few bites. Remember to grab them earlier or else the office crowd would have cleared their stocks by the end of the day!

We will verify and update from our side. We like its oriental packaging too! Hence, this is the perfect snack to fill your tummy temporarily! Have fun and indulge more! Pastries here are free from preservatives and colouring.

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During festive seasons such as the Lunar New Year, they do offer pineapple tarts too! Bakerzin puts effort into their presentation and we believe people would like to get this as corporate gifts or just gifts for their family and friends.

Kele Confectionery Pineapple tarts from Kele give customers the right amount of sweetness.

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It was a literal journey to both the east side and the west! Glory offers five kinds of pineapple tarts — traditional, jumbo tarts, golden pillow, apple shape and pineapple shape. Lucky for us, we were treated to a sampling session where we were offered to try their original traditional pineapple tarts, golden cheese pineapple balls and two new flavours, the cocoa pineapple balls, as well as, the black phoenix pineapple balls.

This year, we shortlisted TEN of our favourites all around Singapore! Here wishing you a prosperous and abundant Lunar New Year!

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With all the walking and exploring, we feel less sinful having over-indulged in these addictively yummy pineapple tarts! History of Pineapple Tarts Have you wondered how pineapple tarts were brought into Singapore? We love a good melt-in-your-mouth kinda pineapple tart! They strongly feel that natural, handmade freshness is important hence, they select only the finest ingredients and painstakingly handmade their pineapple fillings instead of using industrial pre-packs.

Since yearthey have continually improved their pineapple tart recipes and introduced new items on top of their seasonal favourites. As seen from the table above, our scores were collated and averaged out. From kneading to rolling, cutting, moulding and finally, packing these tarts, every step has been done passionately and dedicatedly in order to give canberra casino opening hours the quality and warmth that can only be found in food that is baked from the heart.

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The creation of pineapple tarts was largely attributed to the Peranakans who were strongly influenced by the Portuguese settlers in Malaya, who in turn were well-known for their pastries and tarts. Warning — this is extremely addictive! So, what makes a good pineapple tart?

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This festive is all about getting together with your family and friends, catching up over a scrumptious spread of Chinese delicacies. Hope we have provided enough information as a guideline to help you decide on which sinfully delicious pineapple tarts are worth your calories.

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Their packaging may look simple now but we feel that if they improve on their packaging, perhaps, more people might purchase and give this as presents to overseas friends, letting them know how good our Lunar New Year delicacies are. Their eggs are obtained from Sunny Eggs Taiwan farm, renowned for using classical music to inspire the breeding process while their gourmet baking flour is obtained from Japan and their pure and natural butter from New Zealand.

Closed on alternate Sundays. Other than pineapple tarts, Bakerzin also offers Good Luck Cookies which comes in nine different flavours and Prosperity Lapis Surabaya. Joyus Pastries We love that the pineapple fillings here are homemade, with no added preservatives nor colouring.

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One of the big pineapple plantation in Singapore is at the northern part of Singapore, where the present Yishun Town is located. Let us begin by introducing the ten different brands of pineapple tarts in no order of ranking.

Do remember to order earlier to avoid disappointments!

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Besides pineapple tarts, Glory offer customers festive cookies and snacks such as almond cookies, green pea cookies, chili tapioca crackers and agar agar in shapes of goldfish and rabbit.

You know you need to run around visiting relatives and friends over the Lunar New Year to the extent you might not get to sit down for a proper meal due to too many visitings. The moist pineapple filling is encased in their buttery, crumbly pastry.

The total score is upon 30 marks. Other than Kele Confectionery, we also went to places such as The Raffles Hotel, industrial area in Ubi and the culturally-rich Katong area for pineapple tarts! It is filling enough and provides ample satisfaction. Combining the pastries and pineapple paste gave birth to the popular pineapple tarts today. The aroma lingering in the air inside their factory was so wonderful.

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They offer samplings for their Lunar New Year goodies and we are really wow-ed by their pineapple tarts. The years that followed saw widespread pineapple plantations in Singapore which resulted in the country becoming an important center of the global pineapple-canning industry. They advocate a generous Fair Trade policy during all phases of production, thus ensuring the sustainability of these glorious organically grown fruits.

We feel if the size is slightly bigger, these pineapple balls will become hotsellers. If you believe in such luck, do let us know if it really works! Their pineapple tarts were voted the best in Singapore during a competition held by a local shopping mall in