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Veith found the raid identified in a Dth Ranger After Action report, he reviewed his extensive holding of original sources for JPRC activities and found no reference to the raid. The camp was deserted when we arrived.

Although a sharp firefight ensued, no prisoners were liberated. But Johns wanted the Air Force to control the operation. N Airborne Ranger75th Infantry web site.

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It is located in the George J. Describing "the torture of the rain-forest camps". It had maybe ten thatched structures, on stilts, with covered pits dug under each one as "cells". Stanton, Shelby, Rangers at War: So I asked for the Rangers, but the Army replied, 'Don't tell us who to put on a recovery mission,' so I didn't get them and we never blackjack blue cement dedicated forces.

High emotions, controversy, and politics cloud the truth, which is wrapped in secrecy, inter-service rivalry, and governmental obfuscation. By mid, after over three years of no American POW rescues and following a 12 month period that saw JPRC headed by five different commanders the tour for a JPRC commander was supposed to be one yearthe JPRC decided to "move out of the shadows and decentralize to reduce the secrecy".

Early in an operation was conducted in Tay Ninh Province, again by mobile strike forces, to pin down prisoner of war camp locations. I do not have any direct notes on either the exact date or which Ranger unit it was, but my photo slides are datedmeaning that the operation took place in either in January or February Because they were fewer in number, more blackjack blue cement, usually of lower rank, and engaged in less glamorous and publicized actions that the aviators who went down in the North, the Americans held by the Viet Cong in the South, with some exceptions, have generally not received the attention given to the Briarpatch gang and other PW groups in the Northern camps.

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One can add to this mix an often overlooked but critical ingredient: He said, 'We'll train them. But the Redhorse Review story does not mention the 2nd platoon, although it is possible that we went in on the January 21 "LRRP" operation and the story just forgot to mention us and the other Blue Tiger platoon in the January 21 operation.

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The inhospitable terrain, the inability to generate effective intelligence, cultural differences, numbing political restrictions, and tremendous amounts of disinformation and fraud contributed to the failure. A bed, probably for a VC night guard, is in the left rear of the photo.

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Barely visible in the center, a prone trooper with boots toward the camera inspects the underground POW pit under the Craps dice throwing techniques hooch.

Since there are no doors visible on the rooms at the rear, the rooms may have served as quarters or offices for the VC cadre. Ranger 6 had overall command of the operation, with Blue Tiger 6 in command of the Blue Tigers.

After the Tet offensive, political momentum began to swing away from the United States, and the desire to hold down casualties precluded making risky assaults into enemy territory with units whose blackjack blue cement was badly eroded. Map courtesy of Jim Henthorn George J.

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The public focus has always blackjack blue cement on the American officers who were shot down over North Vietnam, held in the North, and exploited as pawns in the "peace process" by politicians around the world. Its existence was known during the war, but it was believed to be just one of the multitude of military acronyms for inconsequential and obscure staff weenies until the 's.

From the Bob Bennett Collection The main floor of the hooches was elevated off the ground.

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The casino stone deck reached the compound before noon, clashed with the enemy, and liberated one captive, who stated the others had just moved. D Rangerst Infantry the Ranger unit we worked with during most of which stood down on November 20, Despite the cost in men, intelligence effort, and operational assets, these operations were mounted whenever and wherever possible, but the Viet Cong used the tactic of constantly moving prisoners of war from one place to another in order to foil external liberation efforts blackjack blue cement internal escape plots.