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It was intended for high speed modems, and is obsolete. When an 8P8C plug is mated with an 8P8C jack, the contacts meet and create an electrical connection.

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This was necessary to preserve the electrical properties of those pairs for Ethernet, which operates at much higher frequencies than analog telephony. Before the widespread acceptance of auto MDI-X capabilities a crossover cable was needed to interconnect similar network equipment such as Ethernet hubs to Ethernet hubs.

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The colors shown above were taken from a vendor of "silver satin" flat 8-conductor phone cable that claims to be standard. The drawings to the right show that the copper connections and pairing are the same, the only difference is that the orange and green pairs colors are swapped.

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For the registered jack RJ wiring black jack modular, see registered jack. However, with German domestic telephone equipment and that in some neighbouring countries6P4C plugs and sockets are typically only used to connect the telephone cable to the phone base unit, whereas the mechanically different TAE plug is used at the other end of the cable.

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Further, flat DIN cables typically place the wires in ascending order. This standard does not use the short term 8P8C and covers more than just 8P8C modular connectors, but the 8P8C modular connector type is the eight position connector type described therein, with eight contacts installed.

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The international standard is ISO Both the third and fourth pairs of RJ61 are similarly split. Standardization[ edit ] The shape and dimensions of an 8P8C modular connector are specified for U. When used directly with 6P4C plugs, the colors will be scrambled. The 8 position 8 contact 8P8C connector is a modular connector commonly used to terminate twisted pair and multi-conductor flat cable.

Trimline and Princess phone dial lights are rated at 6.

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However, the standard un-keyed modular connectors became ubiquitous for casino mario sandoval networking, and informally inherited the name RJ Ethernet compatible pin-outs "split" the third pair of RJ25 across two separate cable pairs, rendering that pair unusable by an analog phone.

Although commonly referred to as an RJ45 in the context of Ethernet and category 5 cablesit is incorrect to refer to a generic 8P8C connector as an RJ An 8P8C modular plug before being crimped onto a cable.

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Typically, the power on Pins 2 and 5 comes from a transformer plugged into a wall near one jack, supplying power to all of the jacks in the house. The scheme shown here is the correct color code for interfacing with the RJ connector standards. On the plug, these conductors are flat contacts positioned parallel with the connector body.

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