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Apparently we don't like to dress up This would be a good time to talk about staying healthy.

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Our friends left this past Saturday for La Romana, headed for two fantastic weeks at the highly acclaimed Viva Dominicus Palace And above all, don't bet more than you can afford to lose! Don't be afraid to ask for good seats.

The beaches are normally cleaned every morning The sun is incredibly hot!! Departure If you only take one travel hint from this page do this: We fly out of Toronto and are advised by the tour companies to arrive three hours before departure time. Karen Lots of little ants in the room beats the cock roaches of San Juan to be sure an employee told us to put pennies in the areas where we saw ants and lo and behold it really did work!

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Some people in exchange business send guys out on to the streets of Santo Domingo, Sosua, Cabarete. We though we were pretty well informed and we know we're not supposed to bring back things like seashells, animals, vegetation, black coral, etc.

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If they carry your luggage it is only fair and proper you give them best all inclusive resorts with gambling tip. We were lucky, ours were fine and we got to keep them.

Water pressure is not the best at some of these hotels so please keep that in mind. Anyway, we have had great success with a method that was suggested to us by our travel agent before our first trip to Mexico. We saw people loose some carvings and jewellery boxes, a couple lost a beautiful walking stick for which they said they had paid a lot of money.

In the confusion of explaining the camera had film and shouldn't be opened one of the inspectors knocked my sister's tickets and passport off the table. There are duty free shops inside. Most hotels have strict quality control procedures in place regarding food and drink and the cleanliness of the resort.

Natural woods and sleek design create a balanced and sensual ambiance. I highly recommend that you keep your valuables in the safe! As well, they will confiscate any batteries you have in your carry-on luggage I don't think they'll take batteries out of your camera, but if you have spare ones loose in your carryon, they will take those, as well as any lighters they find.

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Towels, games, and books can usually be found at the activity center at the beach or pool. Now do nothing but lie in the hot sun without sunscreen, drink lots of alcohol, eat an enormous amount of food, especially fresh fruit, and wash everything down with water from the local creek.